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Christian Dior
Lee Garden One
Leighton Centre
Lee Theatre Plaza
Apple, Causeway Bay
Hysan Place
Mr. Poco
Lee Garden Two
Baby Dior
Lee Garden Two
Gong Fu Teahouse
Lee Garden One
Lee Garden One
Louis Vuitton
Lee Garden One
Lee Garden Two
Royan Jade
Lee Garden One
Westside Taqueria
Lee Garden One
The Korner
Lee Theatre Plaza
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Lee Gardens
子どもの遊びと学びAmazed Experiential Learning Leighton Centre L02, G02-G03,G15
スポーツASICS Leighton Centre G06
スポーツC.P.U. Canvas Leighton Centre G04, G05
子どもの遊びと学びCarol Bateman School of Dancing Leighton Centre 1509-1513
スポーツFILA Leighton Centre G10-G11
スーパーマーケット・グルメ・ワインFusion Leighton Centre B01, L04
スポーツHaglöfs Leighton Centre G12
パーソナルケア・美容Leighton Aveda Leighton Centre 2F
家具・家庭用品Ligne Roset Leighton Centre L01, G01
子どもの遊びと学びMY KIDDY GYM LIMITED Leighton Centre 1515 & 1517
スポーツNIKE Leighton Centre G13-G14 & L03
パーソナルケア・美容SaSa Supreme Leighton Centre GF,2F
家具・家庭用品SECRET CORNER Leighton Centre G07
ファッション・アクセサリーSIMPLY BLISS Leighton Centre G09
スポーツWAH-LAAH! Leighton Centre G08
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