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Christian Dior
Lee Garden One
Lee Garden One
Lee Garden Five
Apple, Causeway Bay
Hysan Place
Vein Uncover
Hysan Place
Honma Golf
Lee Theatre Plaza
Baby Dior
Lee Garden Two
Louis Vuitton
Lee Garden One
Lee Garden One
Lee Theatre Plaza
The Korner
Lee Theatre Plaza
Leighton Centre
Max Mara Studio
Lee Garden One
Hysan Place
Westside Taqueria
Lee Garden One
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Lee Gardens
Home Furnishing & Appliancesat.home Lee Garden Three 116-118
Home Furnishing & AppliancesBoConcept Lee Garden Three 206-210
Home Furnishing & AppliancesBoffi Lee Garden Three 301-310
Personal Care & BeautyBusybee Lee Garden Three 319-320
Home Furnishing & AppliancesFendi Cucine Lee Garden Three G21-G22
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicHOMELESS Lee Garden Three 111
Home Furnishing & AppliancesKitchenAid Lee Garden Three 211-215
Personal Care & BeautyM Plus Salon Lee Garden Three 311-315
Fashion & Accessoriesmastermind vs A BATHING APE® Lee Garden Three G08-G10
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicMonoyono Lee Garden Three 221-222
Kids’ Fashion & LifestylePaidi Lee Garden Three 121-122
Personal Care & BeautyREVIVE by bodywize® Lee Garden Three 321-322
Home Furnishing & AppliancesSmeg Lee Garden Three 226-228
Home Furnishing & AppliancesStressless Lee Garden Three 216-217
Home Furnishing & AppliancesSub-Zero & Wolf Lee Garden Three G17-G20
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleTavolo Kids Living Lee Garden Three 123-125
Home Furnishing & Appliancesumbra Lee Garden Three 119-120
Fashion & AccessoriesUndefeated Lee Garden Three G05-G07
Home Furnishing & AppliancesVisionaire Lee Garden Three 223-225
Fashion & AccessoriesWTAPS Lee Garden Three G01-G04
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