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Lee Gardens
Urban Jam Festival
Causeway Bay embodies the many facets of Hong Kong — the juxtaposition of vintage and trendy indie shops, a dynamic and lively atmosphere where traditional and contemporary elements coexist, displaying the rich tapestry of Eastern and Western cultures. The skyline of Causeway Bay showcases a harmonious mix of soaring skyscrapers and charming walk-up tenements, while the bustling main streets seamlessly merge with hidden alleyways. This interplay of different styles forms a distinct sense of community. 
This May, the Lee Gardens Association is set to debut its inaugural Urban Jam Festival, orchestrating a diverse range of lifestyle experiences centered around urban culture, music, and cuisine. 
Spanning Kai Chiu Road, Yun Ping Road, and Pak Sha Road, the festival will encompass three distinct lifestyle encounters: #UrbanCulture, #UrbanFlavors, and #UrbanCityBeats. By bringing barbering, tattoo art, and authentic Hong Kong culture to the streets of Causeway Bay, and through engaging in various activities, every individual will embark on a personalised cultural journey, expressing their unique personalities and attitudes. The dynamic Lee Gardens area will become a vibrant hub for diverse styles and ideas.
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In celebration of the cultural feast Urban Jam Festival, Hysan Place has prepared a fantastic array of dining and shopping privileges! Enjoy offers in over 30 selected restaurants and merchants! Plenty of delights await to be discovered at Lee Gardens area.

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#UrbanCulture on Pak Sha Road

The Urban Jam Festival brings together barbering, vintage motorcycles, and fashion, creating a vibrant fusion of cultures along Pak Sha Road. Explore the diverse world of tattoo artistry, from traditional Shanghai barbershops to modern, contemporary styles, sparking a dynamic exchange of perspectives on gentlemanly grooming traditions. Skilled barbers will demonstrate their craft and offer personalized hairstyles tailored to your preferences. Discover a curated selection of vintage and emerging fashion brands, accompanied by displays of classic antique motorcycles, showcasing the allure of vintage car culture.

As the sun sets, unwind at whisky and cocktail bars, immersing yourself in a moment of leisurely bliss. Join us for an enthralling cultural journey where style, nostalgia, fashion, and lifestyle seamlessly converge.
#UrbanFlavours on Yun Ping Road

The Urban Jam Festival in Causeway Bay showcases the vibrant culinary landscape of the area, from traditional establishments to emerging local eateries. Indulge in a diverse array of authentic Hong Kong delicacies, up-and-coming snacks, locally sourced farm-to-table produce, and limited-edition specialty foods. Yun Ping Road will be transformed into a bustling hub with pop-up food stalls, featuring exclusive selections such as Tai Ma Sauce (大孖醬料), 101 Snacks Company (101涼果店), and limited edition snacks from Grandma's Scones. Explore a wide range of freshly prepared snacks, high-quality ingredients, seasonal organic fruits, and vegetables sourced from local farms like Healing Hermitage (療愈静舍農莊). Immerse yourself in the culinary culture of Causeway Bay and Hong Kong by discovering enticing Hong Kong-made culinary souvenirs. Capture the marvelous flavors and create lasting memories to share with your loved ones.
#UrbanCityBeats on Kai Chiu Road

Experience the electrifying energy of Kai Chiu Road as it becomes a vibrant street stage, showcasing emerging talents from Hong Kong. Various performers representing different fields and genres will captivate the audience, highlighting the unique charm of Causeway Bay. Enjoy mesmerizing instrumental performances blending Chinese and Western elements, dynamic drum performances, and the energetic rockabilly tunes of local band Boogie Playboys. Witness captivating rap performances, dance showcases led by Hong Kong breaking athlete B-Boy Think (Tsang Tsz-wa), and live art creation by renowned street artist Yim Chiu Tong @The.Plumber.King.

Urban Jam Workshop Overview
Urban Jam Festival Dim Sum Basket Floral Workshop
Location: Pak Sha Road Outdoor Workshop Area

Presented by the talented local florist Mi Kwok and her team from Home Sweet Florist, join us for an exciting outdoor floral workshop set against the picturesque cityscape backdrop of Pak Sha Road.

Please click here for registration. 
Urban Jam Festival Upcycling Bracelet Workshop
Location: Kai Chiu Road Outdoor Workshop Area (Opposite to Apple Store)

Have you ever thought of giving the leftover denim fabric a second life by upcycling them into fashion items?
Join our outdoor upcycling workshop at with the local upcycling artist from Earthero Studio to make your very own bracelet by matching, tweeding and mixing different fabrics. 
Please click here for registration.
Portrait / Cityscape Quick Sketch Workshop
Location: Kai Chiu Road Outdoor Workshop Area (Opposite to Apple Store)

Join local artist Charlotte, from Moving Drawing, or an exciting outdoor workshop at the Urban Jam Festival on Kai Chiu Road, where you'll learn the art of quick sketching portraits.
All you need to bring is a photograph or a reference image of someone you would like to draw. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop is designed to inspire and provide a delightful weekend experience.

Please click here for registration.
Leather Key Holder Crafting Workshop
Location: Kai Chiu Road Outdoor Workshop Area (Opposite to Apple Store)
Our experienced instructors will guide you through assembling the leather  pieces with traditional hand-sewing techniques and decorating your key holder with customized text embossing. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Take home your handmade leather key holder, a functional and stylish accessory or personalized gift.

Please click here for registration.
Digital Tattoo Experience
Location: Pak Sha Road Outdoor Workshop Area

Throughout the URBANJAM Festival, visit our outdoor Digital Tattoo Station on
Pak Sha Road!
Choose from a wide array of stunning digital designs and watch as our skilled technicians bring them to life on your skin using safe and toxic-free inks. Embrace the outdoor ambiance of Pak Sha Road and make a statement with your one-of-a-kind digital tattoos at the URBANJAM Festival.

PYOI Personalise Your Own Item Workshop
Location Kai Chiu Road

Throughout the Urban Jam Festival, be sure to visit our exciting PYOI station!
Explore a wide range of urban designs and let your individual style shine by bringing them to life on your tee or tote bags using safe and eco-friendly sprays.
Registration is available upon spending a designated amount during the event.
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