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Lee Gardens
Lee Gardens Urban Farmers' Market
About Lee Gardens Urban Farmers’ Market

Why local farm produce or organic products? Simply put, not only can they bring people a greener and healthier life, their local production means less transport distance and thus “Low-carbon emissions”. The less carbon emitted, the more chance we have to create a sustainable living environment. Hysan Development joins hands with the Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation (SEED) to present Lee Gardens Urban Farmers’ Market, showcasing different Hong Kong organic farms and brands. At the Market, the public can savour the freshly harvested produce and add a shade of green to their everyday lives!

Dates: Every 3rd Friday & Saturday of the Month
Time: 12PM – 7PM
Location: Lee Theatre Plaza (Ground Floor)

Remember to bring your own bag!

What will be available in the Lee Gardens Urban Farmers’ Market?

01 - Seasonal Crops

02 - Seasonal Crops

When we eat something organic, we feel like it’s a little win for one’s health and the environment. But unless the products are also in season and sourced locally, it’s not ticking all the sustainability boxes. Eating seasonally can eliminate the transport and storage environmental costs!
Eco-lifestyle Goodies

You can Go Green not only in eating but also in other parts of your everyday lives. From interior green plants decoration to eco-friendly detergents, you name it!
Serving as the Best Channel to Communicate with Local Farmers

The ones who grow the seasonal crops know best to how to cook them with the perfect recipe. Come and get some inspirations from the local farmers!
Come visit Lee Gardens Urban Farmers’ Market every 3rd Fridays and Saturdays of the month!

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