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Lee Theatre
Hysan Place
Lee Theatre
Christian Dior
Lee Garden One
Lee Garden One
Apple, Causeway Bay
Hysan Place
Lee Garden One
Hysan Place
Louis Vuitton
Lee Garden One
Honma Golf
Lee Theatre
Lee Garden Five
Baby Dior
Lee Garden Two
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Lee Gardens
Personal Care & BeautyACCA KAPPA Hysan Place 313-314
Personal Care & BeautyACCOJE Hysan Place 1014
Personal Care & BeautyAcqua di Parma Hysan Place Event Space No.3
Sportsadidas Performance Hysan Place 503-504
Personal Care & BeautyAesop Hysan Place 205
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalAlluressories Hysan Place 3/F Open Space
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicApple, Causeway Bay Hysan Place G01-03, 101-103, 201-203
Fashion & AccessoriesApuweiser-riche Hysan Place 309
Fashion & AccessoriesArea 0264 Hysan Place 515A
Fashion & AccessoriesArtcelio Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Fashion & Accessoriesb+ab Hysan Place 306-307
Fashion & AccessoriesBao Store Hysan Place 10/F
Fashion & AccessoriesBEAMS Hysan Place 626-627
Personal Care & BeautyBEYORG Hysan Place 215-216
SportsBIGPACK Hysan Place 402-403
Personal Care & BeautyBODYCARE Hysan Place 805A
SportsC.P.U. Hysan Place 712-714
Personal Care & BeautyCha Ling Hysan Place 206
Fashion & AccessoriesChampion Hysan Place 509
Personal Care & BeautyCHANEL BEAUTÉ Hysan Place 106-107
Personal Care & BeautyCheung Leung Kee Hysan Place 422B
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalCity Chain Hysan Place 303A, 303B
SportsConverse Hysan Place 513
Sportscôte&ciel Hysan Place 514
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