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Leighton Centre
The Korner
Lee Theatre Plaza
Lee Theatre Plaza
Lee Garden Five
Westside Taqueria
Lee Garden One
Honma Golf
Lee Theatre Plaza
Christian Dior
Lee Garden One
Max Mara Studio
Lee Garden One
Apple, Causeway Bay
Hysan Place
Hysan Place
Gong Fu Teahouse
Lee Garden One
Baby Dior
Lee Garden Two
Royan Jade
Lee Garden One
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Lee Gardens
Fashion & Accessories:CHOCOOLATE Hysan Place 501
Fashion & Accessories6IXTY8IGHT Hysan Place 705-708A
Fashion & Accessoriesb+ab Hysan Place 306-307
Fashion & AccessoriesBEAMS Hysan Place 6/F
Fashion & AccessoriesChampion Hysan Place 509
Fashion & AccessoriesCrudo Hysan Place 3/F Open Space No.1
Fashion & AccessoriesDEMK Hysan Place 515B
Fashion & AccessoriesDimension 12 Hysan Place 4/F Open Space NO.1
Fashion & AccessoriesDimension 12 Hysan Place 514
Fashion & Accessoriesdouble-park Hysan Place 521
Fashion & AccessoriesDr. Martens Hysan Place 507
Fashion & AccessoriesFlawless Beaux Hysan Place 423A
Fashion & AccessoriesGilly Hicks Hysan Place 301B
Fashion & AccessoriesHer own words Hysan Place 701-702
Fashion & AccessoriesHerschel Hysan Place 506B
Fashion & AccessoriesHKID Gallery Hysan Place 520
Fashion & AccessoriesHoax Hysan Place 709
Fashion & AccessoriesHollister Hysan Place 218-220, 327-328
Fashion & Accessoriesi.t blue block Hysan Place 6/F
Fashion & AccessoriesM Jade Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Fashion & AccessoriesMoshi Ron Hysan Place 717-717A
Fashion & AccessoriesMOUSSY Hysan Place 308
Fashion & AccessoriesNew Era Hysan Place 508
Fashion & AccessoriesPALLADIUM Hysan Place 424-425
Fashion & AccessoriesParalife Hysan Place 515A
Fashion & AccessoriesPopcorn General Store Hysan Place 409
Fashion & AccessoriesPopcorn Supply Hysan Place 310
Fashion & AccessoriesRABEANCO Hysan Place 316
Fashion & AccessoriesRIPNDIP Hysan Place 410
Fashion & Accessoriesro Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Fashion & AccessoriesSave The Duck Hysan Place 210
Fashion & AccessoriesShuki Hysan Place 423B
Fashion & AccessoriesSNIDEL Hysan Place 311-312
Fashion & AccessoriesStayreal Hysan Place 519
Fashion & AccessoriesTORIO Store Hysan Place 302
Fashion & AccessoriesVein Uncover Hysan Place 315
Fashion & AccessoriesWorkware Hysan Place 420-421
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