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Lee Gardens
Golden Week Shopping Rewards at Lee Gardens Area
Tourists can redeem “Rewards in Full Bloom” while Alipay users are eligible to enjoy extra exclusive privileges upon designated spending during golden week.

Lee Gardens Area x Alipay Rewards
Scan Promotion QR code to get offer
and pay with Alipay*^
RMB¥600  Deduct RMB¥30
RMB¥3,000 RMB¥60 e-coupon*#
RMB¥30,000 RMB¥600 e-coupon*#
Alipay HK user
Scan Promotion QR code to get e-coupons
e-coupon #
HK$10 Spend HK $10 deduct HK $2
Spend HK $30 deduct HK $3
Spend HK $150 deduct HK $5
HK$200 Use Alipay HK eM+ or installment payments
spending upon HK $2,000 deduct HK $200

^ Limited to Mainland Chinese users with real-name authentication.
*Valid at designated shops and restaurants in the Lee Gardens Area only, Merchant list is subject to Alipay's terms and conditions
#Validity period of the coupon is 3 days after redemption.
Lee Gardens Area x Alipay Rewards :The promotion, transactions and settlements will be conducted on Alipay. The terms and conditions are subject to Alipay's announcement.
For assistance, please enter Alipay app : 支付寶APP-我的-我的客服 (Chinese only), 
or contact Alipay hotline+86 571 26886000/ Alipay HK +852 22453201.

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