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[Exhibition] Roaming in the sea of books

Date: 1/5 (Wed) – 30/5 (Thu)
Time: Business Hours
Venue: Hysan Place 9/F FORUM @ eslite
【Dream weaving at eslite】

    Events in May
(Remarks: Business hours of eslite Causeway Bay store are extended until 12:00am on Fri., Sat. & Public Holiday eve.)
[Sharing] When literature meets music

Speaker : Sophy Wong (singer-songwriter), Yvette Wong (lyricist), Louis Ho (writer)

Date: 3/5 (Fri)
TIme: 20:30-22:30
Venue: Hysan Place 9/F FORUM @ eslite
[Sharing] Evloution of movie industry - From 2002 《Infernal Affairs》til NOW

Speaker : John Chong (film producer- whose credits include the award-winning movie 'Infernal Affairs'), Maurice Lee (vice chairman- Hong Kong Arts Development Council)

Date: 10/5 (Fri)
Time: 21:00-22:30
Venue: Hysan Place 9/F FORUM @ eslite
[Sharing] Daydreaming VS Career on Chinese Calligraphy

Speaker : Winfred Hung (chinese calligrapher)

Date: 17/5 (Fri)
Time: 20:00-21:30
Venue: Hysan Place 9/F FORUM @ eslite
KJ, A dream pursuer

Speaker : KJ Wong (musician)

Date: 17/5 (Fri)
Time: 22:00-23:30
Venue: Hysan Place 9/F FORUM @ eslite
Book sharing
[Sharing] Book Sharing on 《往/返/跨/越》

Speaker : Jung Shaw Wu (author), Chen Ju Chen (author)

Date: 1/5 (Wed)
Time: 14:00-16:00
Venue: Hysan Place 9/F FORUM @ eslite
[Sharing] Pre-performance Talk on 'The Great Tamer' by Dimitris Papaioannou

Speaker :Luo Feng (poemist)

Date: 25/5 (Sat)
Time: 15:00-16:30
Venue: Hysan Place 9/F FORUM @ eslite
Story time
[Story Telling] Little Storyteller

Storyteller :Mr. James May、Mr. Kieran Karolak

Date: 19/5 (Sun)
Time: 17:00-18:00
Venue: Hysan Place 8/F eslite children’s
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